Pulse Filter systems

- for desert and dry areas

In high dust load environment, a Pulse filter system is the right choice. In extremely dusty environments, this kind of self cleaning system allows full continuous operation also at a low stable pressure drop.

Our Pulse filter system is a single stage self cleaning system using cylindrical and/or conical /cylindrical filter elements. The elements can be arranged both horizontally or vertically in rows and sealed positively to the clean air plenum.

Air inlet system Tenkay type pulse

The cleaning system is activated as a function of dust loading and avoids large increases in pressure drop. To increase the periods between off-line water wash of the gas turbine/compressor where fine dust or dry salt is present, an EPA filter can be used as a second stage.

- for arctic areas

Pulse filters have also proven themselves in dry arctic environments where they do not need anti-icing systems due to their very low air velocity through the filter media. When properly sized, they permit unattended operation in all winter weather conditions.

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