Offshore & Marine filter systems

Offshore filter systems are designed to clean combustion and ventilation air on fixed and floating platform installations. Offshore marine environment are challenging because of the presence of wet and dry salt particles as well as industrial contaminants, such as sticky hydrocarbons .

The optimum filter combination forms an integrated part of a complete air inlet system. Details such as water handling and drainage are of vital importance to ensure proper operation. High-efficiency filters with high performance on wet and dry salt clean the air and help ensure the reliability, efficiency and operating economy of the process. 

Inlet system are normally manufactured from corrosion resistant materials, such as marine grade aluminum or stainless steel. Marine grade aluminum is an excellent construction material, and its corrosion resistance ensures low maintenance costs. Its low specific gravity also gives up to 50% weight-savings, which makes substantial cost savings possible for the total installation.

Air inlet system static 2 stage


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