Combined Filter Systems

- for harsh environments

Combined systems, pulse system with final static (H)EPA filtration stage, are designed to protect rotating machinery operating in corrosive and high dust load environments. In these conditions, conventional systems would typically suffer from frequent service intervals resulting in reduced availability, frequent shutdowns, high maintenance cost and decreased engine performance due to fouling and corrosion. By combining both systems together, the major advantages of each can be attained.

The first pulsing state is designed for extremely dusty environments. The self-cleaning action during operation allows continuous operation at low stable pressure drop, eliminating the need for frequent replacement of static pre-filters. The cleaning system is activated as a function of the dust load and avoids sudden increases in pressure drop.

The final stage of HEPA filter provides a barrier against the smallest and most corrosive particles which has been proven to significantly reduce or eliminate corrosion and fouling. As well, the water repellent design provides protection under even the highest humidity levels. 

Combined air inlet system for gas turbines


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