LCC-Life cycle cost

LCC-Life Cycle Cost

The cost of clean air is not the cost of replacement filters

Turbine operators are requesting more and more that filter systems be optimized, not only in terms of price but also with regard to the total cost for the intake system, including filters usage, compressor cleaning, CO2-emission costs, energy costs and other factors.

The Life Cycle Cost (LCC) software developed by Camfil takes into account such factors as engine sensibility, energy cost, running time, filter price, cleaning cost, different environments and filter characteristics. It is used by our engineers when designing gas turbine inlet systems but also to make recommendations to gas turbine operators on the optimal filter combination for their specific site. 

The Life Cycle Cost for a filter is the cost of the:

Cost of fouling
Cost of DP
Cost of filter replacement


It is a well-known fact amongst gas ­turbine operators that high efficiency filters in combination with low pressure drop results in low operating and maintenance costs while ensuring high power output from the turbine.

Life Cycle Cost analysis for gas turbine filtersCost of Fouling

Lower efficiency filters contribute to fouling. Fouling modifies the blades effective airfoil shape, increasing drag and reducing the compressor efficiency. Burning more fuel to produce the same MW is a significant cost adder.

NB.: It’s important to always look at the discharged efficiency over the initial efficiency.

Cost of DP

Cost of fuel required to pull the air through the media. It is influenced by the filter
construction and media type. One should always look at the mean operating DP, not inital DP, to get an accurate figure.

Cost of Filter Replacement

A lower dust holding shortens the filter life, resulting in higher replacement filter cost (total delivered cost + installation) and loss production from shutting down the unit.

Choosing the right filter saves energy

Camfil has been a pioneer in designing low average pressure drop filters in all filter classes for the last 40 years. Many people assume that the filter efficiency is the largest contributor to initial pressure drop, however, it is the actual design of the filter that has the main impact.


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