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Air inlet filtration systems are essential for the operation of gas turbines and other turbomachinery. Air filtration systems for gas turbines have evolved from simple coarse solid particulate removal systems, to complex ones that remove solid, as well as liquid particles. As the demand for gas turbine thermal efficiency escalate; with firing temperatures increasing and machine tolerance decreasing, gas turbines become more sensitive to particles in the combustion air, thus requiring more efficient and reliable air filtration equipment.

Also, the need for longer service intervals and higher output, is forcing operators to optimize their air inlet systems, in both a short and long-term perspective.  

Generally speaking, air filters are physically simple but technically complex elements. Whether they are particulate or gas phase filters, they rely on a complex set of mechanisms to perform their function satisfactorily. In many cases, more than one of these mechanisms comes into play.

This section offers an overview of air filtration technology, and provides a foundation from which you can converse with others about how air filters work. Remember: creating an air filter that is 100% efficient on the target contaminant, has zero pressure drop, and produces no by-products is the goal of all air filter researchers.

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