Power Generation

Industrial gas turbines, or heavy duty gas turbine such as the Siemens SGT-600 to SGT-800, Rolls-Royce Trent, GE Frame engines (7EA, 7FA, 9E, 9F) or Pratt & Whitney FT8, have been traditionally used in power generation application, in single or combined cycle application. In single cycle, the exhaust gas is rejected into the air through the exhaust stack. To maximize efficiency in combined cycle, the heat can be redirected to steam turbine through a diverter-damper that allows the plant to run as single cycle during maintenance of the HRSG (heat recovery steam generator) or steam turbine.

As energy demand varies, aero derivative gas turbines such as the GE LM2500, GE LM6000, Rolls-Royce RB211 and Rolls-Royce Avon have become common in power generation application due to their ability to be start up quickly. It`s been argued that these aero derivative gas turbines are even more sensitive than the usual frame engines and this has raised the requirement in term of air filtration.  Especially for base load power plant, fouling and water washing are costly expenses because they reduce the net power output. In order to maximize output, filtration efficiency has been raised to (H)EPA level.

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