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In the Oil and Gas sector, where fuel is often more accessible then a reliable grid, gas turbines have also been used as a source of power or in mechanical drive applications.  In upstream market, typical offshore production platform and FPSO use gas turbine such as the RR RB211, GE MS5001, and Siemens SGT-100 to 300 and different Solar Turbines. Considerations for water, salt, heavy hydrocarbons and space limitation make this a particularly challenging environment and raise the importance of an adapted inlet filtration system.  

In midstream market, mid-size and smaller turbines such as the RB211, Solar Saturn, Taurus, Mars or Titan, or the GE MS5002C/D are often found as mechanical drive application in compression station along pipelines.  Remote locations make it costly for operators to perform filter change and water washing, thus bringing considerations for filter life and high filtration efficiency in the life cycle cost analysis.

Downstream application such as refineries also use typical such as the GE MS5001, MS6001, Solar Turbines, or Siemens SGT-300 or SGT-400. Here as well, heavy hydrocarbons represent specific challenges and requirements for high efficiency filtration.

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