Application for all types of turbo machinery

For more than 40 years, we have been developing and supplying clean air and acoustic solutions for the turbomachinery industry, mainly gas turbine application. Gas turbines have been used in many applications since their apparition on the market more than 70 years ago, particularly power generation and oil & gas. 

As technology evolve and turbine efficiency went up, their sensitivity and thus the importance of maintaining blade integrity also rose. For efficiency and reliability reasons, the air entering the turbine needs to be as clean as possible to avoid engine degradation. Adding a filter house in front of the intake to protect the turbine has become an industry standard. Inlet systems are designed considering turbine consideration such as the required air flow (CFM  or m3/h), but they mainly need to be design in function of the environment the turbine operates in.

An isolated enclosure and silencers usually protect the workers and surrounding environment from the noise produced by the turbine and the exhaust stack redirect the hot exhaust fumes, protecting the people from the heat and noise, and filtering the fumes.

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