Pulse or self-cleaning filters

In high-dust environments, a pulse filter system is the ideal choice, because the self-cleaning process allows for full and continuous operation with low, stable pressure drop.

Self-cleaning or pulse cartridges were originally developed for use in desert or arctic environments where they pulsed off sand particles or snow and ice. Historically the focus with this type of filter cartridge has been on their ability to release coarse particles. This feature is still important, but nowadays most installations have more serious problems to handle, such as daily humidity and fog variations. Some types of particles are hygroscopic and absorb humidity. Salt is traditionally one of the most difficult particles to filter, due to its ability to change drastically in size and also to transform from a solid to a liquid. A salt particle can increase five- or sixfold in size purely as a result of humidity.

Surface-loading media are good for pulse cleaning, but depth-loading media are the perfect solution for removing hygroscopic particles in humid environments. Our air filters for pulse cleaning air inlets are available with three different media options to meet your specific needs.

Available Filter Media:

PolyTech pulse cartridge filter media

PolyTech blended media have a microfibre, synthetic, melt-blown surface laminate and moisture-resistant silicone treatment for optimum filtration efficiency and dust release characteristics. The blend of cellulosic and synthetic fibres provides added moisture resistance.

GTC pulse cartridge filter media

GTC Synthetic has new, non-discharging fibre media with unique properties, giving the filter a high level of efficiency over its entire lifetime. The smooth synthetic fibres offer low resistance to airflow and, therefore, maintain a low pressure drop during the life of the filter. The combination of surface- and depth-loading media is the ideal solution for removing hydroscopic particles in areas of high humidity, such as coastal and wet tropical environments, which makes this the perfect choice for most installations.

GTD pulse cartridge filter media

GTD Synthetic has a layer of nanofibres over the synthetic substrate that significantly increases dust collection on the media surface, resulting in improved dust release when pulsed. Pure surface-loading with a high dust-loading capacity media is ideal for desert and dry/arid environments.

Reliability is the key

Our pulse filter cartridges are available as cylindrical/cylindrical, conical/cylindrical, vertical style or twist-lock  filter elements. The top and bottom caps are made of galvanized, stainless or powder-coated steel. The mounting gasket is permanently glued to the end cap of the cartridge. A rigid, expanded-metal inner core supports the media pack and stops the element from collapsing under conditions of extreme differential pressure. A triple helical cord is bonded to the outer surface to prevent media distortion during pulse cleaning.

Patented HemiPleat™ pleating technologyHemiPleat logo

The key to the superior performance in operating and maintenance for pulse cleaning cartridges is our patented HemiPleat™ pleating technology. Synthetic beads hold the pleats more open and the wider spacing gives greater media utilization and more effective dust release during pulse cleaning for enhanced performance and extended life. Read more about HemiPleat™.


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