Panel pre-filters for gas turbines

Our panel pre-filters have been widely used and recoginized for their performance in the field, offering a stable low pressure drop and longer life. 

Panel filters, usually used as pre/first stage filters in a static inlet system of a gas turbine, have the main purpose of removing larger particles such as pollens, paper dust, and other coarse impurities. Panel pre-filters have been widely used where there is limited space for the first pre-filter stage. 

30/30 GT 

Our 30/30 GT filter is a disposable pleated pre-filter with an extended surface area. It has long been established as the industry standard prefilter for gas turbines. The 30/30 GT is also widely used for gas turbine enclosure ventilation systems where efficient filters are called for.

The combination of the unique media, robust construction and pleating technology makes the 30/30 a low pressure drop that performs well in all situations.

The 30/30 GT's exclusive media is manufactured by Camfil and is a proprietary blend of cotton and polyester fibers. It does not require an electric charge to enhance it's efficiency, offering life long performance. The unique radial pleat design assures total usage of the filter media, maximum dust holding capacity and extended service life.

The 30/30 GT´s structural integrity is maintained by the use of a 28-point high wet-strength beverage board frame. Diagonal supports are bonded to the air entering and leaving sides of each pleat. Up-and downstream pleat separators and a downstream corrosion resistant welded wire grid further supports the pleat integrity.

The 30/30 GT is rated G4 per EN779:2012 and MERV 8 per ASHREA 52.2.

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30/30 WR

This prefilter has been specially developed for gas turbines in wet and rainy environmental conditions. When subjected to water testing at a feed rate equivalent to 11 inches (280 mm) per hour of rain - the 30/30 WR test filters allowed no water penetration on the downstream side. 

The 30/30 WR is rated G4 per EN779:2012 and MERV 7 per ASHREA 52.2.


Also designed for humid applications, the Camclose panel prefilter is ideal for gas turbines or turbomachinery in tropical or coastal applications. Its major strength is its special design that can be fitted directly - close coupled - to a compact final filter, making it possible to add an extra filter stage to the system without the need for an extra fitler bank. 

The structural intergrity of the filter is maintained by the use of a high strength ABS frame. Downstream pleat separators are used to ensure reliable operation over the life of the filer.

The CamClose is avaible in G4 and M6 per EN779:2012. 

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