Patented HemiPleat™ technology

Patented HemiPleat™ pleating technologyHemiPleat logo

HemiPleat™, state-of-the-art in pleating technology is the key to the superior performance in operating and maintenance for pulse cleaning cartridges. Synthetic beads hold the pleats more open and the wider spacing in the HemiPleat™ design gives greater media utilization and more effective dust release during pulse cleaning for enhanced performance and extended life.

HemiPleat patented open pleat design for gas turbine pulse filters

Key benefits:

  • Lower pressure drop through open pleat spacing improves cleaning efficiency and will reduce energy costs through fuel savings and output increase.
  • More media is available for filtration, for improved performance and longer life.
  • The separation beads, not the media pleats, contact the inner cage, protecting the media from frictional damage.


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