Gas Turbine Compact Filters

CamGT is a final stage compact mini-pleat EPA / HEPA-filter, specially developed for the high demands of gas turbines and turbomachinery for power generation.

The heavy duty construction of this final filter ensures you will get optimum protection. The high efficency, up to EPA level, is combined with a large filter surface area, insuring increased dust hold capacity and low pressure drop over time. As a result, you will get optimum protection and reliable engine performance under the most demanding operating conditions.

Reliable, efficient and resistant to humidity

The CamGT’s high efficiency filter has a large filter surface that is based on Camfil’s own construction featuring vertical pleats, hot melt separators and polyurethane seal. The filter media packs are protected by aerodynamic grids and enclosed in a robust plastic frame to withstand the often severe pressure fluctuations encountered in turbo- machinery applications.

The upgraded filter geometry optimizes the air flow and reduces initial pressure drop. With the moulded polyurethane gasket permanently fixed to the filter frame, the filter installation is simplified with limited risk for filter media damage and leakage.

The CamGT’s construction allows trapped water to drain freely from the filter during operation, thus avoiding re-entrainment of dissolved impurities and maintaining low pressure drop under high humidity conditions.

Thanks to its unique design, performance is maintained in humid or wet conditions, guaranteeing a long lifetime and an overall good filter economy. Our final filters for gas turbine inlet static systems are available in a range of efficiencies to meet individual requirements. With the E10 and E12 version, we also offer EPA (HEPA) efficiency resulting in superior engine protection and extended periods of operation without the need to shutdown for cleaning.

Camfil open hot melt pattern   Traditional closed pattern trapps water


Application areas

Introduced more than a decade ago, and found in a large number of gas turbine applications around the world, our compact air filter for gas turbine inlets, CamGT, has become a trendsetter in the industry. A compact EPA (HEPA) filter for gas turbines, it is used as a final stage filter in combination with a pre-filter like Cam-Flo XMGT and a weather protection system in static inlet systems.

Most common applications are:

  • air inlets for turbine equipment
  • offshore and coastal installations
  • installations with recurrent high humidity
  • axial reciprocating compressors

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