Gas Turbine Bag Filters

Camfil bag inlet filters for gas turbines and other turbomachinery have proven performance in all environments and are recommended in areas where considerations for high humidity and/or turbulence is important.

The new Camflo XMGT and XLGT high efficiency pocket filters have a new improved synthetic fiber media with unique properties, effectively removing harmful particles from the air. Self-supporting bags and a unique design make this filter an excellent pre-filter and coalescer choice for turbo machinery applications. The sturdy media suits all environments, and especially high humidity applications, like offshore and heavy-duty industrial ones.

Non-discharging synthetic media

Our Camflo XMGT and XLGT bag filters for gas turbine inlet systems have a newly developed synthetic fibre media with unique properties, giving the filter a high efficiency during its entire lifetime. Most competitors synthetic filter have high initial efficiency due to electrostatic charge, but the efficiency drops considerably after a few weeks in the field.

EN779:2012 states:

”Certain types of filter media rely on electrostatic effects to achieve high efficiencies at low resistance to air flow. Exposure to some types of challenges, such as combustion particles in normal atmospheric air or oil mist, may neutralise such charges resulting in decreased filter performance.”

The efficiency of our synthetic filters is not dependent on electrostatic charges. It is the construction of the media and the design of the filter pockets which keeps the efficiency at a high level. High long-term efficiency combined with high dust holding capacity optimizes performance of the total operation.

The Camflo XMGT and XLGT are available in F6, F7 and F9 efficiency per EN779:2012 or MERV 12, MERV 13 or MERV 15 per ASHREA 52.2.

The sturdy media suits all environments, and especially high humidity applications, like offshore and heavy-duty industrial ones.

Unique pocket design

The filter pockets are manufactured using Camfil CMS (Controlled Media Spacing) method. Each pocket is formed into a perfect V-shape, inhibiting contact between the bags and distributing the air evenly over the entire filter area. The individual filter bags are fixed in place with adhesive and secured for maximum strength in a special stainless steel frame. Reinforcements are located between the bags to ensure the filter´s stability and shape during max air flow. It can operate in temperatures up to 70° C/158° F and 100 % RH.

Reduced Environmental Impact

All the advantages of this high-efficiency pocket filter help save energy, labour and the environment. Other benefits are less green house gas emissions and waste water usage during the carefully supervised processes at our own production facilities.

Most common applications are:

  • air inlets for turbine equipment
  • axial reciprocating compressors
  • offshore and coastal installations
  • installations with recurrent high humidity.

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