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Camfil has a long history of supplying filters to the gas turbine industry. Our expertise and wide product range allows us to offer solutions from common filtration problems to highly specialized filtration techniques. In gas turbine filtration, we offer products for static barrier systems where the air cleaning takes place in multiple stages as well as self-cleaning systems.

We continually seek to develop existing materials, identify new medias and we maintain strategic relationships with key suppliers to ensure we secure premium materials tailored to our specific requirements. Through continuous R&D and improvement, we have developed multiple innovations in air filtration technology that will add value to your operation.

Learn more about how our filters are different:

Panel filters

Panel filters

 G4 / MERV 7.  Read more


Bag filters

Bag or pocket filters

M6-F9 / MERV 11 to 16. Read more


Compact filters

Compact or mini-pleat

High efficiency filters M6 or MERV 11 up to E12 (EPA level). Read more


Pulse filters

Pulse or self cleaning filters

M6 or MERV 11 up to E12 (EPA level). Read more



HemiPleat pleating technology for gas turbine filters and pulse filters

HEMIPLEAT™ technology

for gas turbine pulse filters. The HEMIPLEAT™ patent pending cartridge design provides numerous and valuable benefits to end- users of gas turbines. Synthetic beads hold the pleats of the cartridge open with wide pleat spacing - unlike competitive cartridges, which are packed too tightly to make best use of the filter media.  Read more


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