Business Concept

Business Concept

Our business concept is to deliver value to customers all over the world while contributing to something essential to everyone – clean air.
Clean air benefits human health and well-being, safety, production and operating reliability. 

The Camfil Power Systems division provides reliable, efficient and silent operation for turbo machinery by offering a complete range of cost effective and competitive air filtration and acoustic systems.

We realize this concept by:

  • Developing, producing and providing the best air filtration products, systems and solutions to protect processes and the environment in local, regional and global markets.
  • Providing the best customer support and service in the industry, including leading-edge knowledge for any air filtration application.
  • Maintaining the best R&D, production and logistics resources for customers.
  • Being a sustainable and socially responsible supplier that maintains the highest professional standards and works to raise awareness of the importance and benefits of clean air.

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