Clean air solutions

Air Image

Monitor, Track, Report and Improve your Air Quality with the AirImage Sensor and Online monitoring Platform



  •  Small and Compact – Monitoring Air Quality has never been so easy
  •  Secure and confidential – Username and Password protected information
  •  Measure against WHO Guidelines – Measuring PM2.5 particles can be easily compared to WHO guidelines
  •  Sync with your Camfil Air Cleaner – Set clean air requirements and ensure your building does not drop below that
  •  Monitor and Report – Quick online reporting tool allows full visibility to Management and Auditors
  •  Ensure your building is within WHO guideline limits


  •  Plug and play unit easily allows it move from area to area 
  •  Secure Online reporting tool ensures that your next air quality report is just a few clicks away.
  •  Patented system for Tracking PM2.5 particles 


How is the airimage being used in your industry?





Food and Beverage Production

Local Air vs Local Camfil Air

How is the airimage being used in your industry?