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In the Manufacturing Industry Air Quality can be compromised by the production processes.Camfil Industrial Air Cleaners are designed to protect your People, Products and Processes

Protecting your employee Health

Protecting your Machinery

Protecting your Plant

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Camfils Air Cleaners Units are used in a variety of different Industries. Find out how Georgian Gates have utilised Industrial Air Cleaners to protect their employees from Welding and grinding fumes


Why Should I choose Camfil Industrial Air Cleaners?

Unlike many other Industrial Air Cleaners, Camfil Air Cleaners utilise EN1822:2009 Tested and Certified HEPA filters to ensure maximum performance. Camfil have a full range of Air Cleaners that can be configured to suit your facility. This could be Ceiling Mounted where floor space is an issue

Utilising Camfil AirImage Sensor and online platform can help control your new Industrial Air Cleaner more efficiently. By setting desired Air Quality levels within the platform can ensure that the Air Cleaner is only in full operation when its needed. This helps improve filter lifetime and reduce energy consumption

This is completely dependent on the level of air quality needed to be achieved and the levels of Dust that enter the system. When setting project deliverables Camfil will identify the full project cost including the number of filter changes that will be needed.

Camfil have 26 manufacturing plants worldwide and many more sales offices. Contact us today and we will get your nearest sales office to contact you –


CC 6000 ProSafe

CC 6000 ProSafe

Application: Air purifier for you in the Food & Beverage- and Life Science industry, air is one of the most important ingredients. That’s why effective recirculation by Camfil air Cleaners that reduce the levels of microorganisms in the air are vital. In addition, legislation and market demands are becoming increasingly tougher on hygiene in the food & beverage and life science industry
Power supply: 200...240V
Type: Air cleaner
Filter: F7,H14
Fan: EC fan with adjustable airflow and ModBus connection
Capacity: 0 - 6000 m³/h
Connection: 4 standard round (diameter 315mm) or 2 standard round (diameter 315mm) and 2 round (diameter 250mm) with sound reduction
Installation: Mobile or stationary, floor or wall mounting
Weight kg: 130,5 including filters

CC 2000

CC 2000

Application: Air purifier for dusty environments and indoor premises such as warehouses, pharmaceutical facilities, food factories, heavy industry, paper mills, welding workshops, construction sites, laundries, timber facilities, bakeries, packaging production, printing facilities, stables, processing industry and supermarkets. Also suitable in connection with construction, demolition and coating operations
Power supply: 200...240V
Type: Air cleaner
Filter: F7, E11, H13
Connection: 2 standard spacers, diam. 160mm or 1 pc 250mm
Installation: Mobile, stationary, on wall or floor
Capacity: 0 - 1400 m³/h
Energy consumption: 0 - 302w
Please note: Molecular filtration option is available
Design: Stainless steel body
Average Air purification area: 300m²

CC 1700 & CC 2500

CC 1700 & CC 2500


Application: Versatile Air Cleaner specialized for elimination of acids, corrosive gases, VOC’s, ozone, formaldehyde and particulate matter. Inside, you will find the well-known CamCarb, City or Gigapleat molecular products and EN, ASHRAE or ISO certified Particle filters. Due to Camfil’s in house HEPA / Molecular filter expertise, we provide several unique customer benefits, such as low pressure drop and energy consumption, unique media combinations and optimized product lifetime. This air cleaner is engineered for multiple segment customization and often used in the following areas: Control rooms of petrochemical facilities, metal refining and pulp & paper mills; data centres & switch rooms, IVF Clinique’s, health care facilities, indoor air quality excellence in polluted cities, cleanroom upgrades or complement to existing cleanrooms. Taking into account filter replacement, service cost, downtime and electrical power requirements, this product provides a minimum LCC value
Power supply: 200...240V
Type: Air cleaner
Filter: Up to 4 stage filter option
Capacity: Max 2500 m3/h