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Camfil Warehouses Air Cleaners

Camfil Air Cleaners are used in warehouses to protect your people, products and processes. Watch this video to show how Camfil Air Cleaners are used to improve operations


During the design of warehouses, optimisation of space is often prioritised as the key requirement. Warehouses are often viewed as large “sheds” for holding goods with little consideration given to the air quality needed within and what mechanical ventilation is required to provide this Clean Air.

How can air quality be compromised within the warehouse facility?

In Warehouse facilities air pollutants, can be generated from both internal and external sources

External sources:

When there is little to no mechanical ventilation in place in a warehouse there is often a requirement for natural ventilation in the facility. External sources such as exhausts from vehicles, pollution from manufacturing plants or even dust from local quarries or beaches can often be carried into the facility through natural ventilation.

Internal Sources:

In Warehouse facilities, many pollutants are generated by general operations of the facility. From exhaust from Delivery trucks infiltrating the facility to the fumes generated from lifting equipment there are many sources that can generate particles that can affect the operation of the facility

Poor air quality can affect a warehouse operation in three different areas

1. Warehouse Processes

In Warehouse facilities, automated picking lines are becoming the norm, these often involve scanning systems that help sort products while also inputting the information into their inventory management system. Dust Particles build up not only on the automated scanning machines (Which hinders the automated scanning process) but also builds up on the inventory packaging.

2. Product Quality

Key to any warehouse facilities operation is ensuring that products are dispatched to as high a standard as possible. Poor air quality can lead to a build-up of dust particles on boxes and products that can lead to a return of goods and a poor company image

3. Employee health and Welfare

Poor air quality can often affect employee health and lead to high rates of absenteeism. With lower workforce numbers, shipping can be delayed as the man power needed is no longer available

With Mechanical ventilation, often too expensive to install and with only certain areas of the warehouse affected by poor air quality issues, the quickest and easiest solution for these problems are Industrial Air Cleaners. Industrial Air Cleaners can be used in various locations in a warehouse to help protect the operation of your facility. Air Cleaners not only take away the pollutants from the indoor environment but they also distribute clean air around the facility

The video below highlights how air cleaners are used in Warehouses around the world and how they can solve all the problems that have been highlighted.

High Quality Air Filters– Camfil air cleaners use the highest standard air filters on the market. All our HEPA filters are tested and certified to European standard EN1822:2009 ensuring the air distributed around warehouse environments is of the highest standard

Flexibility – Camfil Air Cleaners can be modified to be either used as a plug and play unit positioned on the warehouse floor or, depending on space requirements, suspended from the warehouse ceiling for better air distribution

Global examples – Camfil Air Cleaners are used with great success in Warehouses around the world. Please follow the links below to see case studies of this


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